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IULM is a university of dynamic teaching and learning. Find out more about our postgraduate programmes: 7 two-year masters degree courses, two of which offer a dual degree programme entirely English taught, and several one-year masters degrees.VIDEO


IULM University offers many one-year Master's Degrees programmes, aimed at those graduates who want to specialize within a specific group of disciplines related to communication. Seven of those programmes are taught in English: Communication for International Relations (MICRI); International Communication (MIC); Game Design; International Tourism and Hospitality (MITH); Museology, New Media and Museum Communication (executive education); International Marketing & Sales Communication (executive education); Food Design and Innovation.

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Specialized Translation and Conference Interpreting

IULM’s two-year masters degree in Specialized Translation and Conference Interpreting will allow you to strenghten your language skills and become a professional with advanced competences in specialized fields. You will acquire strong knowledge of two foreign languages: English (mandatory) and a second language to be chosen among French, German, Spanish, Arabic and Russian. You can choose between two core modules: Specialized Translation, which will train you to work in the publishing, advertising, and multimedia industry, or Conference Interpreting, to become a professional simultaneous or consecutive interpreter and work in companies, international organisations, in Italy or abroad.

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Marketing and Communications

IULM’s two-year masters degree in Marketing and Communications has three different concentrations to choose from: Brand Management, Retail Management and Digital Marketing Management. The course provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to work in the field of marketing and brand communication. You can work as a marketing manager, brand manager, product manager, customer relationship manager or digital manager, be in charge of online and offline sales networks in industrial and commercial companies, or an analyst in consulting firms. With a special focus on market evolution, the course provides the tools to interpret current scenarios and visualize the future of innovation.

Unfortunately, there are no more seats available for the 2023/2024 intake.

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Strategic Communication – Dual Degree ENG

A brand-new masters degree course in English that trains students to take on key positions as managers in international PR and communications agencies as Strategic Communication Manager, Global Reputation manager, or Stakeholder Relationship Manager. These are just a few of the professions students can aspire to. The curriculum perfectly combines technical and project-based teaching methods with case studies, business games and role-play so that students can better understand how organizations and managers work. Dual Degree allows you to achieve a Dual Degree at Huddersfield University (UK), Cardiff Metropolitan University (UK) and the University of Western Australia in Perth (AUS).
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Television, Cinema and New Media

IULM’s two-year masters degree in Television, Cinema and New Media is the only one of its kind in Italy. The programme combines the knowledge of both traditional and new digital media and prepares students to become professionals in the creative industry. Graduates will pursue careers as writers, directors and producers of films and web TV, video game designers, or film festival organizers. The course offers a choice of three different concentrations: Cinema and New Technologies, which also introduces digital film-making and animation; Television and Cross-Media, with a focus on techniques for streaming media, and tools for the planning and production of series; New Media and Digital Art, which introduces tools for the planning and creation of interactive products for the web and gaming.

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Artificial Intelligence for Business and Society

Artificial Intelligence and advanced use of data are radically redefining the logic and processes of marketing and corporate communication, and will have an increasingly significant impact on society. The new two-years master's degree in Artificial Intelligence for Business and Society trains professionals provided with both humanistic and technological interdisciplinary skills who will be able to use the most innovative technologies for marketing, communication and to guide the processes of change in companies. The course is structured in order to form professional figures highly requested by companies of all sizes such as: digital strategist, citizen data scientist for marketing, data analyst, data-driven decision maker.

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Art, Valorisation Strategies and the Market

Managers, critics, art curators, promoters of culture, gallery owners, museum directors and consultants who know how to manage all aspects of the art market. IULM’s two-year masters degree in Art, Valorisation Strategies and the Market provides students with skills for the arts and culture industry, with a focus on management and organizational skills so that graduates from the course will be able to enhance and manage artistic and cultural heritage in museums, foundations, public and private institutions. The training process involves workshops, internships offered by important partners such as the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo and the Israel Museum, and a final project with the Triennale di Milano.

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Hospitality and Tourism Management – Dual Degree ENG

IULM’s two-year masters degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management is aimed at graduates, in Italy and abroad, who want to take on entrepreneurial and managerial positions in various fields of the tourism and service industry. The second year allows the student​s​ to continue their studies at IULM University (study course in New technologies and data for tourism and creative industries or Sustainable destinations management and communication) or they can choose the specialization programme abroad, in the United States (study course in Hospitality and Tourism Management). At the end of their studies, students can gain a dual degree, both Italian and American (M.Sc.). The course is in partnership with the University of Central Florida. All students choosing to attend the University of Central Florida will be granted a 10.000$ scholarship as well as a one-year visa that allows them to stay in the United States for a further work experience.

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    For more than 50 years, IULM University has been the center of excellence in Italy for training in the fields of Communication, Languages, Tourism, Fashion and Cultural Heritage.
    It guarantees its students a solid cultural preparation with an integrated approach of theory and practical experiences, proposes innovative teaching paths, offers cutting-edge services, activates contacts with the job market and encourages study experiences abroad.
    Inclusive policies and social engagement, as well as the ten-year commitment to the development of services in support of disability and diversity, contribute to rank IULM among the first 300 universities in the world in the Impact ranking 2020 for the SDG n.10 "Reduction of inequalities".

    Build your own future in the world

    The objective of the IULM University is to train the future protagonists of the new creative industries in the fields of culture, communication and the economy; professionals able to face the challenges and seize the opportunities that emerge from the international markets and scenarios.
    Global citizens with critical thinking and strategic vision, capable of intervening in the digital revolution underway.

    Located in Milan, the Italian capital of business, fashion and design

    Milan is a cosmopolitan and dynamic city. It is a place of culture and arts, cradle of international realities that allow an academic and professional growth to the highest level.
    IULM University Campus is located in the center of Milan and offers facilities and spaces designed to study, but also per fun and aggregation moments including 2 residences, 4 food/beverage outlets, dedicated classrooms for studying, support services for financial aid, career development, study abroad opportunities, mentoring and counseling.

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