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IULM University offers 7 undergraduate programmes, 1 of which completely taught in english. IULM three-year programmes are ideal for students hoping to work in the fields of art, applied languages, culture, tourism or communications. VIDEO

Interpreting and Communication

This undergraduate course educates and trains young professionals in the field of applied languages, and is ultimately tailored to aspiring translators and interpreters. At the end of the three years of study, students will have acquired a high level of proficiency in two foreign languages (English is mandatory for all students, while a second language can be chosen from the following: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Russian or Spanish), in addition to an in-depth knowledge of the literature, culture and history of the languages studied, and a strong and solid ability in communication and the practical application of languages.

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Arts and Cultural Events*

This cutting-edge undergraduate programme provides students with the basic skills required in the arts and culture industry as well as in entertainment production. The course follows two directions: on one hand, students are guided through a historical and critical analysis of the languages of art and entertainment; on the other hand, they are introduced to the managerial aspects of the field. For example some courses are: History of Art, Fashion and Design, Management and Marketing of Cultural Events and Entertainment. The curriculum is taught by means of lectures and hands-on practice thanks to workshops and professional training placements in Italian and foreign partner companies.

*New course title undergoing ministerial approval for a.y. 2023/24

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Tourism, Management and Culture

The undergraduate programme in Tourism, Management and Culture provides students with professional and technical skills in the management and organization of tourist services, digital marketing and communication. The curriculum includes activities in and out of the laboratory, aimed at bridging the gap between education and employment. By the end of the three years, students will have acquired all the necessary skills required in management and in economic, social and territorial sciences and are ready to join leading European and international institutions in event management, the promotion of tourist destinations and digital communication.

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Fashion and Creative Industries

An innovative Bachelor's Degree Course that provides the basic skills to operate within the communication and creative practices of fashion and design. The course includes two main areas of learning: the "cultural area", for understanding the languages of contemporary visual arts, fashion, design and Made in Italy, and the "communication area", to learn the use of specific tools, from advertising to events, from the web to social media. The course also provides skills for researching and interpreting cultural and style trends and for budget interpretation. At the end of the course you will be able to work in fashion or design companies, advertising and public relations agencies, cultural foundations and art galleries, museums, fashion and design publishing companies or to launch creative start-ups.

Unfortunately, there are no more seats available for the 2023/2024 intake.

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Corporate Communication and Public Relations ITA/ENG


The three-year undergraduate programme in Corporate Communication and Public Relations enables students to become professionals in the management of the mechanisms governing communication in public and private organizations. At the end of the three years, students will be able to harness the new tools of corporate communication ranging from traditional advertising to Web 2.0 tools, and social networks. This degree provides various work opportunities in marketing, in managing external relations, advertising and public relations, as a press officer, or for event management agencies.

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Communication, Media and Advertising

This three-year undergraduate programme in Communication, Media and Advertising provides students with the skills required to develop innovative and creative communications projects, both for traditional media and new media like websites, blogs, and social networks. The course combines lectures and lab activities, designed to put knowledge into practice, and is aimed at new talents in the world of publishing, journalism, cinema, radio, television, new media and advertising.

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Languages, Culture and Digital Communication

The three-year Bachelor’s degree course in Languages, Culture and Digital Communication is a newly conceived course that has been designed alongside the business world; it emerges from observing the evolution that the digital revolution is bringing about in the production and dissemination of knowledge. The course prepares students for both the humanistic-linguistic and the computer-digital aspects. The curriculum includes disciplines related to humanistic culture, the study of foreign languages and computer and digital design workshops, which are valuable tools for creating digital projects.
Graduates in Languages, Culture and Digital Communication will be able to work in press offices, in various industry sectors, in publishing, in companies and advertising agencies, in the Third Sector, in cultural organisations and institutes (museums, libraries and archives) and foundations. They will deal with the management and production of content communication in which the digital dimension is combined with the interlingual dimension.

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    For more than 50 years, IULM University has been the center of excellence in Italy for training in the fields of Communication, Languages, Tourism, Fashion and Cultural Heritage.
    It guarantees its students a solid cultural preparation with an integrated approach of theory and practical experiences, proposes innovative teaching paths, offers cutting-edge services, activates contacts with the job market and encourages study experiences abroad.
    Inclusive policies and social engagement, as well as the ten-year commitment to the development of services in support of disability and diversity, contribute to rank IULM among the first 300 universities in the world in the Impact ranking 2020 for the SDG n.10 "Reduction of inequalities".

    Build your own future in the world

    The objective of the IULM University is to train the future protagonists of the new creative industries in the fields of culture, communication and the economy; professionals able to face the challenges and seize the opportunities that emerge from the international markets and scenarios.
    Global citizens with critical thinking and strategic vision, capable of intervening in the digital revolution underway.

    Located in Milan, the Italian capital of business, fashion and design

    Milan is a cosmopolitan and dynamic city. It is a place of culture and arts, cradle of international realities that allow an academic and professional growth to the highest level.
    IULM University Campus is located in the center of Milan and offers facilities and spaces designed to study, but also per fun and aggregation moments including 2 residences, 4 food/beverage outlets, dedicated classrooms for studying, support services for financial aid, career development, study abroad opportunities, mentoring and counseling.

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