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Online - June 15th 2022

IULM Communication School is the Business School of the IULM University, one of the top Italian Universities for Communication Management Studies. It provides Master’s degree and Executive Education Programs focused on the fields of Food, Arts, Fashion, Design, Tourism, International Relations, Retail, Neuromarketing and New Media.

Join us June 15 from 12:00 pm to 4:15 pm to learn more about our international masters’ degrees and executive education programs. Participate in the Live Virtual Session and get all your questions answered during our live Q&A with a IULM Communication School representative. VIDEO

12:00 PM (CET) - Welcome to IULM


Discover the Campus, the Academic Offer and the Advantages of becoming a Master student at Università IULM. IULM Communication School prepares students and professionals to face international challenges and boost their careers by giving them the essential skills to face the radical changes in today’s communication industry (o sector). A faculty of internationally renowned teachers and senior managers of leading companies will guide participants throughout innovative programs and hands-on activities.

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12:15 PM (CET) - International Marketing & Sales Communication


The Master’s course allows students to develop integrated marketing, communication and sales skills at an international level. An innovative master’s program in line with the strengths of IULM University, multidisciplinary, practical approach, and ability to anticipate market changes.
The path is completed with many field projects assigned by companies, which include rewards and incentives of different kinds, field trips and an internship of six months.

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12:45 PM (CET) - Hospitality and Tourism Management + Strategic Communication


Hospitality and Tourism Management
The two-year master's in Hospitality and Tourism Management is a perfect match for graduates who want to take on entrepreneurial and managerial positions in the tourism and service industry. The second year offers two concentrations in Milan ("New Technologies and Data for Tourism" and "Creative Industries or Sustainable Destinations Management and Communication") or a specialization dual degree programme in partnership with the University of Central Florida, USA.

Strategic Communication
The two-year master's in Strategic Communication trains students to take on key managerial roles in international PR and communication agencies, such as Strategic Communication Manager, Global Reputation manager, or Stakeholder Relationship Manager. The curriculum is a perfect blend of technical and project-based teaching, business games, and role-play. Dual Degree opportunities have been developed in cooperation with Huddersfield University (UK), Cardiff Metropolitan University (UK), and University of Western Australia.

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1:15 PM (CET) - International Tourism and Hospitality (MITH)


Study tour in the Emirates, advanced specialization, 6 months customized international internship to accelerate your career in tourism
The 1-Year Master’s of International Tourism and Hospitality (MITH), established in 2004, is a full-time program in English to make the most of your talent, and start a brilliant career in one of the most rapidly growing sectors.
MITH makes it possible to acquire fundamental skills and competence to challenge the radical changes that the tourism sector is now facing.

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1:45 PM (CET) - Digital Communication for Sustainable Luxury and Fashion


A program addresses the needs of graduates and professionals in a unique time of change for luxury and communication.
One year of full immersion into the communication approach of “Made-in-Italy” with a global vision of the luxury industry and managerial skills to operate effectively in the sector.
Participants will:
- visit to companies around Milan
- have overview of emerging trends and challenges in the sector
- explore the most successful digital marketing strategies and the best promising new tools and ICTs
- analyze series of LIVE cases with representatives of luxury brands
- boost their career with an internship in a luxury company or boost their business with a personal professional project

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2:15 PM (CET) - Communication for International Relations


MICRI represents the chance to enter into the international communication field, the direct contact with international experts and the Study Tour in the US are two of the unique distinguishing features of the program. Now there is also the possibility to apply to the Double Degree program, adding an MBA at the University of Nebraska at Kearney (UNK).

The Study Tour takes place at the end of the classes. It is characterized by the intensive visits and workshops program in cooperation with international experts in Washington DC and New York City. The two cities represent the central hub of international relations and communication, are based there major international organizations (World Bank and United Nations), lobbying and communication agencies, multinational companies (Google) and prestigious universities.

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2:45 PM (CET) - Global Security and Cooperation


The Master’s degree program of Global Security and Cooperation gives a solid preparation on the international political landscape and the main issues on the international agenda, through the perspectives of Cooperation and Security. The tools and the strategy on international security are the key system to lead the educational pathway towards the goal of enhancing skills and competencies about international cooperation, founded on solidarity, peace and mutual dialogue.

- Held in English
- 1500 hours (4 months classes+Study Tour+Internship+Final Project Work)
- Full Time
- IULM, Rome Office
- Study Visit in Brussels
- Internship (at least 4 months | 300 hours working activities)

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3:15 PM (CET) - Retail Brand & Customer Experience Management


Retail, Customer Experience and Brand Touchpoint are among the fundamental assets of all companies, national and international, operating in today’s consumer markets. The RBCX Master wants to respond to the need these companies have to hire people who know how to face new business challenges characterized by innovative business models through the integration of physical and digital channels.
The Master favors an active learning approach that provides for the continuous application of the concepts learned in the classroom in training sessions both in the classroom and in the field. Corporate and Retail workshops are planned as an experience study tour.

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3:45 PM (CET) - Made in Italy. Behind the scenes


The MMIE master’s degree aims to provide participants with an immersive experience of the Design, Fashion and Food sectors: three main assets of “Made in Italy”. The training course develops around the knowledge of the three sectors in terms of genesis, current situation and outlook on the future in the post-pandemic era. The master’s course illustrates the birth of Made in Italy around the three sectors, how it has developed in Italy and in foreign markets, and which are the direct and indirect competitors. The topics provide a complete view in terms of stage and behind the scenes.
The master aims to provide an in-depth knowledge of Made in Italy in the three reference sectors Fashion, food and design, explaining which are the direct and indirect competitors and which are and will be the customers at a global level. In fact, Z – Gen requires a paradigm shift in terms of product/service offer and fruition and this has an impact on Made in Italy organizations and processes.

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4:15 PM (CET) - Museology New Media and Museum Communication


This online Master is designed for those interested in acquiring expertise in contemporary museology and the interlinkages between museum and heritage as well in new media and museum communication.
Our Master’s Course takes a unique approach to museology in its most innovative trends especially at a European level. It is carried out under the auspices of the European Museum Academy Foundation (NL) which contributes with its experts and with teaching resources.
Articulated e-learning is the key point: online modules also provide students abroad with the opportunity to take part in this course under an attentive Tutorship.
Our Course has been designed to be studied at a distance, giving students the flexibility to study from any location in the world. It is built in such a way that allows individuals currently working the opportunity to acquire academic knowledge with maximum flexibility regarding scheduling and learning styles.

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    1.15 PM (CET) - International Tourism and Hospitality (MITH)
    1.45 PM (CET) - Digital Communication for Sustainable Luxury and Fashion
    2.15 PM (CET) - Communication for International Relations
    2.45 PM (CET) - Global Security and Cooperation
    3.15 PM (CET) - Retail Brand & Customer Experience Management
    3.45 PM (CET) - Made in Italy. Behind the scenes
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    For more than 50 years, IULM University has been the centre of excellence in Italy for training in the fields of Communication, Languages, Tourism, Fashion and Cultural Heritage.
    It guarantees its students a solid cultural preparation with an integrated approach of theory and practical experiences, proposes innovative teaching paths, offers cutting-edge services, activates contacts with the business community and encourages study experiences abroad.
    Inclusive policies and social engagement, as well as the ten-year commitment to the development of services in support of disability and diversity, contribute to rank IULM among the first 300 universities in the world in the Impact ranking 2020 for the SDG n.10 "Reduction of inequalities".

    Build your own future in the world

    Contemporary learning

    The objective of the IULM University is to train the future protagonists of the new creative industries in the fields of culture, communication and economy; professionals able to face the challenges and seize the opportunities that emerge from the international markets and scenarios.
    Global citizens with critical thinking skills and a strategic vision, capable of intervening in the digital revolution underway.

    Located in Milan, the Italian capital of business, fashion and design

    Milan is a cosmopolitan and dynamic city. It is a place of culture and arts, cradle of international realities that allow academic and professional growth to the highest level.
    IULM Campus is located in the center of Milan and offers facilities and spaces designed to study, but also for fun and aggregation moments including 2 residences, 4 food/beverage outlets, dedicated classrooms for studying, support services for financial aid, career development, study abroad opportunities, mentoring and counseling.

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